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Henri Saar: “Saare Slaider caught my record pike!“

Henri became fisherman when he was just 5 or 6 years old. Henris father gave him hes first rod, which was made of reed and on the shores of nearby bond taught him basic fishing tips. Soon they started to make serious fishing trips on the Väike Emajõgi river, where Henri caught his first pikes, using old Nevskaja spool. Since then spin fishing has became one of hes favorite activities.

In Estlant fishing and pikes are really close to our hearts. That's why we decided to have a little chat with Henri.
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Fishing tips for Saare Slaider

Saare Slaider is our third lure. Inspired by the shape of roach, this lure is perfect for catching true monster pikes. Because of its size, this lure will probably even itself eat smaller fish.
Great lures will be even greater if you practice correct catching techniques. Our luremaster Meelis explains important tricks when fishing with Saare Slaider.
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Viljar Vester: "Mullutu Murdja is a true day-saver"

Viljar really enjoys fishing. For him all his fishing trips are equally unforgettable. It really doesn’t matter whether he is ocean-fishing in Norway or fighting against brush and insects to reach the best spot on some lake Estonian inlands – fishing is always a joy!
Fishermen tend to be a really friendly breed. Viljar isn’t different and he gladly agreed to chat with us.
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Fishing tips for Mullutu Murdja

Mullutu Murdja is the first lure we designed. This beauty was polished for several years before we felt that it was perfect and ready for sale. Good lure works even better if you know how to use it.
Our luremaster Meelis explains how to fish with Mullutu Murdja.
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