Aivo Roos: "I would dive after my favourite Vilsandi Võtukas"

Aivo Roos is well known fishing enthusiast from Saaremaa, Estonia – friendly and practical minded. He knows how to boost his fishing luck with high knowledge about fishing. We decided to have a little chat with Aivo. 
“The best lure is durable and has good headwind flight stability”, names Aivo most important characteristics of a proper lure. “And for sure, nice looks wouldn’t also be a torn-off. I like when lures are truly eye-catchers.”

Aivo also has some tips for beginner fishermen. He underlines that expensive equipment isn’t all that important. Patience and consistency are two of the most valuable characteristics that need to be trained. And if possible, it is always wise to search company of more experienced fishermen, suggests Aivo. “Fishing with them is the best school there can be!”
“For sure learn the don’ts and get familiar with underdimensions. Rules have been set to protect the fish and true fishermen act so that there would be also something to catch in the future.”

We ask Aivo’s opinion about our lures.
“Handcraft is handcraft! These are true and trustworthy lures, made from real wood, not plastic! I love my purple-green (lilla-roheline) Vilsandi Võtukas so much that if necessary, I’d be willing to dive after it." 
"I remember a fishing trip around half years ago. It was in the coast of western Saaremaa – ideal spots for pike. In addition to my other lures, I decided to try out Mullutu Murdja. After couple of throws, someone snapped it from the line. Luckily it is a floating lure and I managed to return it. I decided to try my favourite Vilsandi Võtukas. First throw and around 2 kg pike hooked. What a nice fishing day!”

Aivo also mentions that among his fishing buddies Estlant is well recognised and almost everyone has them. One of his female acquaintances uses Mullutu Murdja as unique pendant for her necklace.
“These lures really look exceptionally nice”, Aivo chuckles.

Althought Aivo’s favourite lure is Vilsandi Võtukas, he points out that Mullutu Murdja has ability to catch nice perches. He’s personal record is 1.2 kg.

To sum up Aivo concedes that when it’s fishing day, the lady may be upset but it will not leave him home. “Fishing is my true passion!”

This is something that we can agree. We wish Aivo good luck and promise to meet up in the future. This lad has a lot tips and tricks to share.

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