Fishing tips for Saare Slaider

Saare Slaider is our third lure. Inspired by the shape of roach, this lure is perfect for catching true monster pikes. Because of its size, this lure will probably even itself eat smaller fish.
Great lures will be even greater if you practice correct catching techniques. Our luremaster Meelis explains important tricks when fishing with Saare Slaider.
Where to fish?
Saare Slaider is slowly sinking lure with working dept from  0,5-1 meters. The depth depends on the scroll speed. So when choosing your fishing locations you have to bear in mind that the water shouldn't be too deep. This lure is specially designed for catching huge trophy pikes.

How to fish?
Slaider is ideal for fishing close to shoreline reeds and in lower head of bay. When jerking, the lure has nice side to side play. Try to scroll slowly and evenly, so the lure could glide like it is supposed to.

Which color to choose?
Saare Slaider has 10 different color combinations: we have lighter, darker, colder and warmer shades. There are loads of theories and fishermen tips concerning the right color of the lure – some debate about water temperature and transparency, others about weather. Go figure... Truth probably lies in between.

For catching fish, all our lures fit perfectly well. Experiment different shades in different waters, find your favourites and remember the main thing – don’t come back with empty hands.

Saare Slaider product description and color combinations can be found from here.
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