Fishing tips for Vilsandi Võtukas

Fishing is great activity but gets even better when you catch something. There’s a bit of luck in every successful fishing trip but the luckiest tend to be the ones who have better equipment and more knowledge. As there is no such thing as universal lure, our luremaster Meelis explains what is important when fishing with Vilsandi Võtukas. 

Where to fish?

Vilsandi Võtukas is a sinking lure that is suitable for catching larger prey fish from waters at least 2 meters deep. So when fishing with Vilsandi Võtukas prefer faster deepening shores or use a boat. This lure is equally admired by pike and pike-perch.

How to fish?

Võtukas is specially designed for trolling. The front end of the lure is shaped to start playing with low water-resistance. Therefore the lure works even in low scrolling speeds.  

Which color to choose?

Vilsandi Võtukas has 10 different color combinations: we have lighter, darker, colder and warmer shades. There are loads of theories and fishermen tips concerning the right color of the lure – some debate about water temperature and transparency, others about weather. Go figure... Truth probably lies in between. All of our combinations work and the best way to choose perfect lure is to trust your instincts. Test our combinations in different conditions and find your perfect one. The main goal is to catch fish and this is something all of our lures can!

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