Viljar Vester: "Mullutu Murdja is a true day-saver"

Viljar really enjoys fishing. For him all his fishing trips are equally unforgettable. It really doesn’t matter whether he is ocean-fishing in Norway or fighting against brush and insects to reach the best spot on some lake Estonian inlands – fishing is always a joy!
Fishermen tend to be a really friendly breed. Viljar isn’t different and he gladly agreed to chat with us.
When we ask Viljar about the things fishing has taught him, the man doesn’t think long: “Continuity and patients are the two main things that I have acquired. And off course the exceptionally beautiful nature I have experienced here and aboard.”

Viljar also has its own philosophy about lures. He likes each lures that have brought him fish but he is also sure that every fisherman has his own special catchers. “You just have more belief in some of your lures and it is sad to lose them.”

Viljar’s favorite Estlant lure is Mullutu Murdja: “If you need a solid day-saver, Mullutu Murdja will not let you down. 100% handcrafted and these colors... How could any fish say now to these lures?”

The largest pike (3 kg) that Viljar has caught also comes with the help of our lure.
“On that day I firstly caught a pike that was around 1 kg. The fish was nice but I decided to let it back and continued with the same lure. Well, I believe that the fishing gods saw it and a bit later I was gifted with this 3 kg pike. What a nice day to remember!”

“The best advice to a starting fisherman is not to start with this addictive hobby at all. You will never be same again”, suggest Viljar with a smirk on his face. His serious advice is to be patient. Just try out new things, locations and gain experience.

As a conclusion Viljar has exceptional thought for us: “One great day at work will always feel at least 10 times worse than mediocre fishing-day. And there is no such thing as mediocre fishing-day. Fishing is always exceptionally great experience!”

What a great lad Viljar is! May the fishing gods always be on his side!

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